The Story of Seasons

The story of Seasons began with the belief that our well-being is more than just the health of our bodies. The founding team recognized the importance of aligning the body, mind, and soul into harmony for true wholeness, and they set out to create a space where individuals could find support, guidance, and rejuvenation as they traversed their own seasons of life.

The center itself is a reflection of this vision—a beautifully designed sanctuary with an emphasis on tranquility and serenity. Each area is thoughtfully curated to embrace the essence of the seasons. Our desire is that every visitor instantly feels a sense of calm and warmth upon entering.

Seasons is not merely a place to seek relief from physical discomfort—it is a space where individuals can embark on a transformative journey, nourishing their bodies, minds, and souls through each life season. The founders handpick a team of dedicated professionals, each expertly trained in a variety of modalities, from specialized skin care and massage therapy to life & relationship counsel to personal design advice. They share a passion for holistic well-being and are committed to tailoring treatments and services to meet the unique needs of each individual.

We create spaces where you want to stay, experiences you want to relive again and again, and relationships where trust and transformation happen. We create a safe space where you can feel comfortable sharing your concerns, exploring new practices, and embarking on a transformative journey. Your well-being is our top priority, and we are committed to offering the highest standard of care with integrity, respect, and empathy.

Victoria is a highly respected communicator and skin health specialist in addition to her roles of wife, mom, and mentor. She is the owner of Candid Class Skin Studio - a luxurious destination providing women with professional, relaxing, results-driven treatments to make them feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

Victoria is also an experienced and engaging public speaker having spoken on platforms spanning the United States. She excels at extrapolating complex ideas into easy-to-understand language and connecting people to people & people to a mission.

With a heart to see people healed, from skin to soul, Victoria is passionate about maximizing every opportunity for growth, nurturing herself and others well, and encouraging each person she meets to live a stimulating and satisfying life.

Victoria McLean

Leading Esthetician and Skin Expert

Meet Our Team

Jennifer has been hardwired to inspire and has a passion to make a difference. She is the founder and visionary of Unveil Her - a ministry dedicated to providing women answers, comfort, freedom, and joy as she believes in her own priceless value.

Throughout her career, Jennifer has managed a frame shop for a nation’s leading fabric and craft specialty retailer, worked for a global color sampling company, was an art director for a non-profit organization, and worked in sales enablement and software go-to-market strategies in the financial industry. Her many layers have led her to believe that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and a fun spirit!

Jennifer loves to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary, be it a conversation, a grand event, a company project, a space for your home, or even the family Christmas tree.

Jennifer Ann Fox

Women's Coach and Strategic Designer